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General information of Atlanta, Georgia

Founded in 1837 as Marthasville, Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia, as well as the state's capital.

Atlanta is located in north/central Georgia. It is home to over 10 Fortune 500 companies, including household names such as The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, and UPS. In fact, as of 2005, the Atlanta metropolitan area was ranked third behind New York and Houston on the list of cities with the most Fortune 500 headquarters.

Atlanta "Must See" Attractions

Atlanta has attractions too numerous to do justice in a simple list.
Some of Atlanta's more notable and unique attractions include:

Weather Information

Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate, (Cfa) according to the Köppen classification, with hot, humid summers and mild winters that are occasionally cold by the standards of the southern United States.

The weather forecast estimated the high temperatures during the conference to be between 46°F and 52°F (8°C - 11°C) degrees, the low temperature to be between 33°F and 37°F (0°C - 2°C) degrees. Overcast and rain showers at times.
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